Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

Camlock oxygen mask

The fastest donning oxygen mask
in the world

Made from military grade technology, these masks offer fast, secure protection for a variety of oilfield applications.

Vapor Scrubbing Inc Logo
Hydrocarbon Molecules

Vapor scrubbing
and specialty chemicals

Vapor Scrubbing Inc. supplies or rents a broad spectrum of emission control equipment for the safe handling of odorous and hazardous air emissions.

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Your Gateway to Building
and Living Green

Greengate Homes is committed to doing everything possible to provide its customers with superior service and a green-built product that meets today’s real needs and provides lasting value.

The Fan Guy

Patented Anti-Rotation Devices (ARD)

We offer free technical support to anyone with axial fans that are in service on Cooling towers (CT), Air Cooled Condensers (ACC’s) or Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE’s). ACHE’s are more commonly referred to as Fin Fans.